Hi, I am Tavish Agarwal, a front end developer currently working in Hyderabad.

Tech Ladder: http://techladder.in

The reason behind building this website is to provide awareness, educate the generation about new technologies and build exciting stuff in the world of machine learning and AI. This stuff is absolutely free of cost, what it requires is just your skills, dedication and your valuable feedback to improve the content.

Anyone from any background, either engineer or non-engineer can start on getting their hands on these technologies as it is just the matter of your dedication to learn. The main idea behind it is, day by day technology is getting better (positive opinion) in order to make our lives easy. We as an individual to survive in this competitive IT industry really need to be upto date.

In today's world to surive in any company, We need to work on technologies about which we never heard during our engineering course or were not provided practical on the job training. Therefore it becomes very crucial to have full understanding about the technologies in which you are directly dealing with your customer or client.

Hope this motivates and gives clear understanding and the need to be up to date ( my personal experience). Please visit my blog and start referring to the latest updated technologies from today onwards.

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